The Entrepreneurship Spirit in RSM MBA

If you need just one single reason to be a part of Rotterdam School of Management, it is the Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship. I never in my wildest dream had imagined that an academia will have such a wonderful centre dedicated to innovation. The ambience acts like a catalyst to creativity. And if there is anything pending, the great view of the river Maas, compensates for it. It indeed makes RSM MBA, the way it is.

It was my first day today at the startup ‘Gurukul’. And I am running short of words to express the ‘coolness’ (as they say) of the place. I had always believed that only nature can provide the correct ambience to open your mind. I was proved wrong. Although it is no match for the Himalayas (And it will never be), but in the midst of struggle for survival called MBA, in concrete jungle and artificial beauty, the boot-camp at the centre arrived as a surprising relief.

The ‘pressure cooker innovation’ (as they say) was one of a kind experience. Some of us (including me) conceptualized business ideas in literally 2-3 minutes. Then we worked throughout the day with nitty-gritty (sort of) of converting ideas into business. Although there is lot more to learn, this one day session was left an impression of a lifetime. It is one place here that will pull me throughout my stay in the Netherlands for sure. Sharing some photographs. Most photographs are shot by Abhijeet Singh and Arnav Gautam.

Asitav Sen
Asitav Sen
Seniour Consultant

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