Wedding shoot in Ranchi

Last day, I fully covered a wedding for the first time; well almost fully. Staying up all night to create memories for someone is a pretty laborious activity; both physical and mental. My friend Abhishek Chakraborty reached me to give the assignment. I am thankful to him for giving me the opportunity. He arranged for the extra lights as well which reduced the efforts for all the photographers present there.

Shooting in (North)Indian (Hindu)weddings (add elite) is an unique experience. One has to fight with the guests and other fellow photographers to get the desired shots. I must confess that I intentionally skipped the scenario where guests started gathering and posing near the to-be wed couple.

And when you have escaped all that chaos to catch a moment’s respite near the fan, someone shouts ‘Bhaii (sometimes cameraman), mere bhi kheecch'. God only knows what I feel like ‘kheech‘ing. However, I, with a big smile on my face, click. The smile is actually genuine, because I know that the binary codes of the digital file will be reshuffled, never to be re-organized again. The achievement fills me with a childlike glee.

And then there is another problem. You have to camouflage yourself in the midst of high end equipments so that no one notices your obsolete model camera fitted with a ‘non-zoom’ lens. In general the ordinary photographers are treated like outcasts in the scenario above. And if, by any chance you are not holding a big body and long lens, chances are high that even the waiters will avoid you.

However, there is no fun in life without the challenges. I enjoyed the shoot to a certain extent. Made some new acquaintances in the field.

There were some unique observations, good and bad alike. But, this is not the right place to discuss those. I will try to be back with those soon. Meanwhile, uploading some photographs from the assignment.

I’m not sure about the name of the bride and the groom. I think they are Tanya and Ishant. What’s in a name though. I wish them prosperous days and interesting nights all throughout their lives. +++

Asitav Sen
Asitav Sen

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