Shree 420 Stills recreated

This month, I along with some of my friends tried to recreate some of the stills of Shree 420 (particularly the song pyar huwa ikraar huwa). The idea was to have a concept shoot. Initially I thought of clicking a series of photographs related to a mythological character. However, due to shortage of time (As I’ve to shift to Ranchi for my work) I started to search for another concept which could be implemented quickly. The search ended with the idea to recreate some stills from Shree 420, the idea to rejuvenate the almost lost period of Indian cinema (In fact some of the model hadn’t seen the video of the song). I immediately approached two of my photographer friends Shalinder and Nishant who readily agreed. Next step was to find out the models. It was a difficult task. We were not paying anything and we did not have any contacts with people who were interested in modelling. Ila came to rescue. As soon as I asked her for help, not only did she arrange the models, she also agreed to help out in make-up. Next step was to finalize the venue. Which was quite easy. Director of Patna Zoo, Mr. S Chandrashekhar was more than eager to cooperate. The only constrain was we could not shoot at night. So, we decided to shoot in daylight, thus eliminating a major hurdle of mobile setup of lights. Costumes were arranged without much difficulty. Ila (again) helped us with a saree. Gaurav brought his hat. I took a jacket. The only prop required was an umbrella which we bought (Thanks to Rakesh Lal.)

The photos (Unedited version) came out quite well. Editing was a constrain which we somehow overcame. Some of the shots are attached. The series has been named फिर भी रहेंगी निशानियाँ from the lyrics of the song.


  1. Kishen Kumar

  2. Aditi Verma

  3. Gaurav Kumar

  4. Richa Yadav

Make-up & Costume

Ila Rawat


Asitav Nishant Shalinder

Special Thanks to

Mr. S Chandrashekhar

Rakesh Lal

Vivek Kumar

Amit Swarup &

All staff of Patna zoo +++

Asitav Sen
Asitav Sen

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