Pre-wedding shoot in Ranchi

This week I got the opportunity to experiment on pre-wedding photography. Thanks to my friends Prithvijit & Debjani. The blessed couple is getting married soon. I’m especially thankful to them because they put their trust in a person who doesn’t have experience in pre-wedding shoots. I’m not the best, not even in the vicinity of talent and experience level of some of the photographers (whom I know) in Ranchi.

It was a great experience and learning for me. I worked on two parallel lines. One is the traditional romantic poses and the other a storyline. During the course of discussion with the couple I came to know that for them, being in relation for quite sometime, the marriage came as a natural sequence. Accordingly a simple storyline was built which starts with a normal daytime activity and ends at a point where the couple is mentally prepared to tie the knot.

I’m sharing the photographs. Hope you enjoy. +++

Asitav Sen
Asitav Sen

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