Landscapes from Gosau and Hallstatt

Gosau is a municipality in Upper Austria. I had the opportunity to capture some shots in the vicinity of beautiful Alpine Meadows, forests and lakes. We were on a road-trip from Rotterdam to Gosau via some parts of Germany. During the MBA, I could not manage to travel much. However, this trip to Gosau, Hallstatt, Rüdesheim am Rhein and Limburg was amazing. Hallstatt and Gosau can certainly be recommended among the places to visit in Austria. Esp., if you seek solace from the concrete jungles. Why we preferred to stay in Gosau is because the village was not very crowded in summer. Mostly the tourists visit this part during ice skating season. The people are very friendly if you can break the ice. The quite, almost sleepy village is the perfect destination for a short vacation that intoxicates you. I am sharing some photographs from in and around the village. Hope you will like it. +++

Asitav Sen
Asitav Sen
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