Landscapes from Gosau and Hallstatt

Gosau is a municipality in Upper Austria. I had the opportunity to capture some shots in the vicinity of beautiful Alpine Meadows, forests and lakes. We were on a road-trip from Rotterdam to Gosau via some parts of Germany.

Keukenhof - Tulip Garden

Among several other things, The Netherlands is also famous for its tulips. I believe, it gained popularity due to the (in)famous Tulip Mania about which, you can read in wikipedia. I had the opportunity to visit the gardens this spring.

Durga Puja- Glimpses from a major festival in India

Snowfall in Utrecht


My last few days in Ranchi was well spent with some close friends. Staying in the ageing quarters was a nostalgic experience. The breeze playing with the flora, the petrichor, the damp room; everything had a carelessness that shrugged away the stress of life.

Wedding shoot in Ranchi

Last day, I fully covered a wedding for the first time; well almost fully. Staying up all night to create memories for someone is a pretty laborious activity; both physical and mental.

Pre-wedding shoot in Ranchi

This week I got the opportunity to experiment on pre-wedding photography. Thanks to my friends Prithvijit & Debjani. The blessed couple is getting married soon. I’m especially thankful to them because they put their trust in a person who doesn’t have experience in pre-wedding shoots.

Princep Ghat

Ramnavami in Ranchi

Cock Fight

Cock fight is a popular blood sport in Jharkhand. The fight between two roosters (gamecocks) is held inside a ring called cockpit. Like many other species, cocks show congenital aggression towards all males of the same species.