How to remove unwanted people from images

“Oh, what a weather. Perfect for a day out with the camera.” You say to yourself on a fine day with perfect light and weather for photography. You plan out everything very quickly.

Valmikinagar - lesser known tiger reserve in India

It’s exactly 2 years since I last visited this hidden treasure of Bihar - Valmikinagar. मा निषाद प्रतिष्ठां त्वमगम: शशवती समाः । _यत क्रोंच्मिथुनादेकम अवधिः काममोहितम ।। _ “No, Hunter you will Never rest in peace since you killed a helpless bird unaware of

Caves of India - Barabar Caves

Some things cannot be explained in words. At least at this moment, I’m falling short of words. Words to explain the magical echo effect inside India’s oldest surviving rock cut caves.

Chadar Trek - Wildest Trek on Earth

Yet it is in our idleness, in our dreams, that the submerged truth sometimes comes to the top. Virginia Woolf The Dream The submerged truth started emerging on Nov 10, 2010 while me and some of my friends were commenting on an album I had recently uploaded in Facebook.

Travelogue : Nov 2010

On Nov 04, 2010, when we started from Patna at around 8 in the morning, never did we think that we will end up in this wonderful place called Valmikinagar two days later.

Beyond 'Charpaayi under Mango Tree'

A very friend of mine said that ‘Bihar’ draws a picture in her mind. A ‘charpayee’ under a mango tree, summer afternoon and a radio playing. A very true picture of what ‘Bihar’ once upon a time, used to be.

Supervisor-subordinate relation

A supervisor-subordinate relationship can become stronger in four stages. The first stage is fulfilling of physical needs. Eating, drinking, sleeping, resting, relaxing etc. may be considered under this need. Imagine if your boss doesn’t allow you to relax in between your work.