Thrill at Munnar continues

The following is a part of a travel experience. You may find other episode in the following links. Episode 1 Episode 3 Episode 2: Day 2 & 3 After we reached Munnar Pramic, The caretaker informed us that an off-roader would pick us up at 4.

Journey from Kochi to Munnar

The following is a part of a travel experience to Munnar. You may find other episode in the following links. Episode 2 Episode 3 Episode 1 (Day 1 &2) Well, I don’t think there could be any off-season for Kerala!

The Entrepreneurship Spirit in RSM MBA

If you need just one single reason to be a part of Rotterdam School of Management, it is the Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship. I never in my wildest dream had imagined that an academia will have such a wonderful centre dedicated to innovation.

Blind spot in sustainability (RSM MBA experience)

21st century has been witnessing an immense increase in awareness of sustainability. PwC started the first ever initiative of Integrated Reporting. It took us more than a century to become aware about the damages we are causing to the environment and the society.

Sales and Introverts

Last month, during our organizational behavior class, this topic came up for a short duration. We were asked to relate personality types to job types. Incidentally, one category of job was sales.

Trip to UrbanFarmers (RSM MBA Experience)

There are several things that makes the RSM MBA experience worthwhile. The course in sustainability is probably one of the key factors that will determine whether RSM can fulfill its mission to bring positive change.

Stop Food Wastage

Economic times survey had indicated a growth of meagre 1.1% in agricultural output last year. While the 12th five year plan had aimed to increase output @ 4% per year, we have fallen behind.

How to obtain duplicate birth certificate from Kolkata Municipal Corporation

My original birth certificate was retained by the school during my admission in class I. It was a rule in Govt. schools during those times. The rule has now been modified though.

Why F Number?

I feel myself lucky to have friends who are genuinely interested in photography. Today Sudeep (Sudeep Sarkar) asked me a very interesting question. About which I had never given thought. Why F numbers are used instead of aperture diameter to standardise measurement of aperture?

How to control camera using laptop or phone - Tethered Photography

This article talks about how to control camera using laptop or phone. What is tethering? Tethering means connecting one device to another. In photography, tethering means connecting the camera with a computer, laptop or smartphone.