Network analysis in Bollywood

Network Analysis Network theory is the study of graphs as a representation of relationship between discrete elements. When applied to social relations, it is known as social network analysis.

Survival Analysis in Cricket

Survival Analysis Survival analysis deals with estimating probability of continuation of a particular status-quo at given point in time. Naturally, it also estimates the probability of discontinuation of the status quo i.

Why businesses may need to work like startups to succeed in digital transformation

This article discusses why digital transformations fail and what can businesses do about it (explained using a synthetic example from construction equipment industry) following successful startups. This is in continuation of my last article where I have recommended digital initiatives for OEMs of CE industry.

What may change for OEMs of construction equipment in India, post covid?

This article discusses micro perspective and focusses on OEMs as individual entity and not on industry as a whole. Challenges for the industry has been discussed in a different article.

Post covid challenges in Construction Equipment industry

This article discusses a macro perspective, focussing on the industry as a whole (and not on OEMs as individual entities). There is a separate article for that which discusses possible solutions as well.

Electric Backhoe Loader is a reality, yet far fetched dream in India. Here's why.

CASE construction equipment recently unveiled project zeus under which it launched a cool new all electric backhoe loader. The model 580 EV is industry’s first fully electric backhoe loader. It is not merely a prototype but also is in production and sales.

Trends that influence construction equipment business in India

There is a very interesting difference between passenger car sales and construction equipment sales, at least in India. One may assume that GDP growth boosts both. However, it is not necessarily true.

Autonomous cars and accidents

Autonomous car accidents can be avoided with smart customer success initiative Fanciful science fiction to reality is how Forbes describes autonomous driving technology1. It reminds that journey of dream to reality never goes as it is planned.

Sales and Introverts

Last month, during our organizational behavior class, this topic came up for a short duration. We were asked to relate personality types to job types. Incidentally, one category of job was sales.

Stop Food Wastage

Economic times survey had indicated a growth of meagre 1.1% in agricultural output last year. While the 12th five year plan had aimed to increase output @ 4% per year, we have fallen behind.