Your bright dream is here to shine!


Everyday is a battle between your dream and the fear!

First things first, Asi thanks for giving me quick access under your website to write blog. I am surely lazy enough to  create one for me and then to start blogging.

Now coming back to my topic. Every morning I wake up with a zeal to fulfill my dream. A dream that would define who am I and what am I capable of becoming. And am sure many of us feel the same about our dream. We live life in our dreams. We see things materialize in our dreams. We dream to be a good human being, to be in love and to achieve success. We realize with eyes closed and mind open that it is just a little away and if I stretch my hands out, I would get it, its there standing for me and only for me. Fortunately, this dream game is not easy to achieve. I sincerely thank that chasing dreams is cumbersome. Yes, this journey brings every day roadblocks that we face. Roadblock, which may occur due to our wrong judgment, due to our incapacity to handle a situation or sheer bad day. I prefer to use the word ‘day’ over ‘fate’, because I strongly believe that my fate is in my hands and just a bad incident doesn’t mean that its your poor fate, but it simply denotes that that the day(s) went wrong. And, then again we make mistakes. We repeat them. Trust me, mistakes are great! It tells you that you are human, teaches you how to handle the harsh condition, how to withstand it next time it happens and how to deal with a situation better. It makes you smarter person, it makes you way more stronger. It helps you evolve and bring the best in you. We need to think what should be done to minimize the loss you face (loss could be regarding anything) and not start blaming our life.

It takes a dozen extra weight to stay strong on your own foot. One must concentrate on the doing and not on the end result. We cannot control the end result but simply dream about it and believe in the dream and work towards achieving it. Don’t let yourself hang in ambiguity.

Your life is your dream ride and you must keep riding it till the end. Pick up the pace, like you speed up your car after you have learnt to drive well! Keep rocking. Enjoy each moment life throws upon you.


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