Top 5 Delightful Destination for Deserts in India

Khimsar Sand Dune, Nagaur

India is a land of diversity. From the lofty mountain ranges in the north to the peninsular region in the south, and, the desert in the west to a zone of cultural diversity in the east, India stands as one of the most frequently visited and cherished tourists’ destinations of all times. The choice of tourism varies from one traveler to another. Some travelers prefer the cold, mountain air cracking their bones while some prefer the scorching sun at the sea beach playing hide and seek with them while they relax under an umbrella. Similarly, some travelers prefer the magnificent flora and fauna of the forestland while some enjoy the barren desert.

Thus, in this varied group of travelers, the folks who dare to explore the unending, barren lands of the desert are indeed lucky as they revel in experiencing the untold mysteries of the sand-dunes.

The Great Indian Desert lying in the western part of India over a sufficient expanse offers the opportunity to explore the sand dunes and acknowledge the beauty of the barren land. Thus, the top 5 such places offering a different kind of beauty to every traveler require a noteworthy mention.

1. Khuri Desert, Jaisalmer

Khuri Desert
Photo by Mahatma4711, CC BY 2.0

Khuri is a small oasis in the Thar Desert that houses a meagre number of residents due to the barrenness of the land. Though very few desert vegetation may be observed along the way, the water supply falls scarce there as the sand dunes are as near as only 30 minutes from the village. The heart-welcoming residents of Khuri, thus, present a good mode of tourism to boast of the natural beauty of the desert. At Khuri, a traveler can enjoy the camel safari and watch the setting sun from atop a sand dune. The resorts present there offer a cultural folk show after the sunset along with a dinner and gala night. On special requests, a jeep safari is also arranged at night and if the tourists are really lucky, then they might get to see some deer, wild rabbits, foxes and bears hidden behind the scarce and thorny desert vegetation. Best time to visit Jaisalmer is during winters.

2. Mahabar Sand Dunes, Barmer

The Mahabar Sand Dunes are one of the best places to visit in Barmer, these are the cleanest desert in India where many of the shootings take place. This place is quite small in size, but, it offers the excitements such as the camel safari and the desert safari which makes the tour to this small oasis a successful trip indeed.

3. Sam Sand Dunes, Jaisalmer

Sam Sand Dunes, Jaisalmer
Photo by Sanjoy Ghosh, CC BY 2.0

The Sam desert is closer to the border of Pakistan. It is the most jam-packed desert as the accommodation facility at the Sam Sand Dunes is the largest among all the deserts. The Sam Sand Dunes offer adventure fiestas like the camel safari, the jeep safari and camping. A night at any of the resorts promises an eventful time with the cultural folk dance and music accompanied by a mouth-watering dinner serving the Rajasthani cuisine. This is usually followed by a disco night where everyone gets to let the hair down and party!

4. Osian Desert, Jodhpur

Osian Desert, Jodhpur
Photo by Jon Connell, CC BY 2.0

The Osian Desert is an oasis of historical significance. Known as the ‘Khajuraho of Rajasthan’, this oasis is the embodiment of the ruins of Brahmanism and Jainism that had been destroyed ever since the attack of Muhammad of Ghori in 1195. The oasis is a place of worship for every pilgrim who comes to pray to Goddess Osian and ask for her blessings. The ringing bells of the temple, the rising and the setting sun making the golden sand glisten, and, the changing sand dunes make the visit to Jodhpur a most prominent and cherished one.

5. Khimsar Sand Dune, Nagaur

Khimsar Sand Dune, Nagaur
Photo by Ankur2436, CC BY-SA 3.0

The Khimsar Sand Dune in Nagaur boasts about its ancestral Fort of Khimsar that was a witness to many significant wars in history. This fort is the architecture of marvelous accuracy and precision in the field of demonstrating the art and culture of Rajasthan. In the middle of this oasis, out of nowhere, you’ll find a mini lake that will soothe your burning eyes with its cool blue waters. Thus, the natural beauty of this place is truly authentic as this place has not yet been fortunately commercialized.

Thus, it is evident that a trip to these beautiful deserts will leave any tourist craving to go back there once again to explore and enjoy the barren side of beauty that the earth has in store for us. Hence, it is advisable that every tourist must visit at least one of these deserts once in a lifetime, if not more, in order to experience the other side of the coin, that is, the majestic deserts.

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Rohit is a passionate traveler who loves to explore and experience every single beauty that the world has in store for us. He also has a keen interest at photography and captures these beautiful moments of nature whenever he gets the opportunity. You can read more about his travel stories at Trans India Travels.

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