There is still time, find a way out


Can you please for a moment?

Turn back,

Can you please for a moment?


Can you please for a moment?

The yesteryears of your decaying life….

Can you feel the peircing knife

in your heart??

The cancer that you are hiding,

The drugs with which you are fighting,

are spreading it more.

Though you don’t feel the pain now,

while it spreads silently inside you,

The shrinking heart in your soul,

one sudden moment will take you.

There is still time dear,

come close, come near,

I’m here to take your pain,

Even before it starts to drain,

your precious life.

Come let us go together,

on a journey in a train that moves in reverse gear,

on a track called time.

Join me, give me your hand, don’t you fear,

the first station is “when you were nine”.

You can see all you want,

but beware, don’t you touch,

can you see that small child,

doesn’t seem to be worried much.

The excitement of hiding from all and discovering the hidden.

Can you see him playing hide n seek, with his friends,

And see him playing, studying, running, jumping, eating, sleeping…

Isshh..the train has started…as this show never ends.

Aa..aa..don’t pull the chain, coz, time doesn’t wait.

The train will stop but the time will not

and then, time will forget,

both of us, before time.

Look out of the window, open your ears, can you hear them

calling your name?

Asking you to go back and

start all over again!!!

See we have arrived, can you see him in the college,

The place is, when you were nineteen.

Can you see that decaying part, its not in his knowledge,

Can you see him in his class, he is daydreaming, while the reamer is writing,

fake notes on white board, gradually turning the whole board black.

The first blow to murder the innovation that was existing on all those dreamers,

This helps you know…see, the more creativity you lack,

More grades you make, and group of reamers,

extract all the grey matter juice, just to waste it.

Then, a few buggers come to you, juiceless brains,

recruit you to a multinational theater, start a new life, taste it!!!

People wearing smiling masks, the remaining talent you had, it drains.

You learn new things, wear the mask of the professional,

you wear it so much, YOU forget yout your true face!!!

you forget your friends, your family, your all,

you jump and do all to go ahead in rat race.

And then one day, when you’ve gone a lot ahead,

You are successful, you are happy, thats what it seems,

You celebrate with your alikes, all wearing masks, man made.

They are..sorry..their masks are all happy, you spend few days in dreams.

Then one fine day, you suddenly feel alone, in the gatherings of known masks,

You realise you have forgotten some of the most important tasks.

Tasks undone, cannot be done then, the wounds beneath your mask, can not be healed,

Die, you will die, gradually. The nearer the death will be, distant it’ll seem.

You’ll die with the mask on, the mask that can not be peeled.

The pain that’ll be more than any other shall be this.

Your true self, long lost, shall never be revealed.

You’ll die a lonely death, fake tears to celebrate.

There is still time, find a way out,

There is still time, find a way out.

© Asitav

I'm a business analyst. I have a background in Sales, Engineering, MBA and analytics. I enjoy photography.

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