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goirick da
July 19, 2009 23:16. My phone rang. I saw a name that immediately pushed my mind to the days I spent in Silchar. Goirick da. We spoke for 19 mins 3 sec. The emotions, those feelings which was once crushed by the weird, selfish, complicated professional world, errupted like a volcano. And here I’m writing this blog. I can recall our first meeting. Canteen of Assam University(AU).
goirick da
goirick da
I remember, when I went to AU to publicize our College(NIT Silchar) Fest, I had asked someone whom to talk to. The first name that came was Goirick da. I went to meet him in the Canteen. I was welcomed very warmly. With his due permission, I made an announcement in the canteen that invited applauds. It was about a popular music band coming in our fest to perform. The event was actually a big one and first of its kind in Silchar. Anyways, what started with a simple introduction, turned out to be a deeply rooted relation. I had always enjoyed the company of intelligent but reckless person; and Goirick da is one of them. He performed in our fest. I’ll remember “Three men and a Carpet” for the wonderful performance and most importantly for introducing me to the world of Jazz.
I’m so glad today that I received his call. It was high time this should have happened and it did. Suddenly, I feel the energy. I feel that I exist. I feel that there’s a life beyond the PCs, Green Coloured Monsters (Tractors), Dealers etc. etc. I’m getting the urge to live again. To feel the same again. To learn new things. To spend some quality time. To go back to the world of “Magnets and Miracles”.
Its time for me to turn back,
Its time for me to return.
Lifeless human I’ll be no more,
my feelings shouldn’t burn.
I miss the voice of Goirick da, I miss those thoughts. I miss teasing Piyush, disturbing him during exams. I miss drinking with Spandan, I miss Manmohan’s laziness, His room, the most unorganized in NIT. I miss our experiences in AU, I miss “Incand”. I miss those power cuts. I miss the water scarcity, stealing Pukkala’s water for shit. I miss Chetia, who didn’t bath for a semester once and stole Manosh’s underwear, Manosh, who won’t wake up even if u break the door. Nayan and Bidesh, 5 pointers other than me in my class. AD the drunkyard, who doesn’t drink anymore…the list will go on.
Between, AU and NIT probably ours is the last link of its kind. People still go to AU from NIT and vice-versa; thanks to the female population of AU!!! But probably no one nowadays, come to spend some “quality time”, be it discussions, be it jamming sessions or just singing.
I hope that I’ll be able to come back soon.
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