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Living 24 X 7

They say, when someone is not getting a job, they join the profession called ‘Sales’. A 24X7 duty hours. Sudden intimation of official tours which you can’t avoid. Always under pressure. In month beginning, pressure of reports. In mid-month, review Read more…

Beyond ‘Charpaayi under Mango Tree’


A very close friend of mine said that ‘Bihar‘ draws a picture in her mind. A charpayee under a mango tree, summer afternoon and a radio playing. A very true picture of what ‘Bihar’ once upon a time, used to Read more…


  It was our weekly review and we had missed our target of previous week. Still, in that meeting we assured the management of fulfilling the monthly target. I was not too much confident about it though. So, I told Read more…

Supervisor-subordinate relation

A supervisor-subordinate relationship can become stronger in four stages. The first stage is fulfilling of physical needs. Eating, drinking, sleeping, resting, relaxing etc. may be considered under this need. Imagine if your boss doesn’t allow you to relax in between Read more…



It was hardly a couple of days back, I was talking to one of my juniors from school. She is on the verge of completing a professional course from a highly reputed institute. I had known her to be one Read more…