Surkala Purbabu; his 11 minutes and more

The article does not have any resemblance with any real life character. If any resemblance is found, it should be considered a mere coincidence. Photo Courtesy: Suri
Yes, he is a very nice guy. Surkala. Born in the coal mines in northern Assam (One of the major factors for his skin to be as black as coal). From childhood, he had suffered the pain of being black. Its true that colour doesn’t play as major a role as religion, caste or mother tongue in India. Still, one who faces the consequences; only they can explain the pain they go through. I do not have proper words to express.

It was still ok. Being thrown out from queue at times, room being locked from outside when he is inside, putting toothpaste inside his underwear when he is asleep and regular taunts for being black. It had become a part of his everyday life and these things had become very much normal for him.

But, he was laborious. God has his unique way to balance things in life. Surkala was black but was gifted with a good studious brain. Thanks to that, he got a good job and got an opportunity to work overseas in Featherlands.

He was excited and happy while stepping into the land he had never known, the land of one of the most developed nations in the world. Everything was so new. He could see his dreams coming true. He found himself an apartment to stay in. It was one of the best places to stay in the city. Fully residential. Lot of families stayed nearby. The first night was good. He slept well dreaming of everything he wanted to do!!!

The next morning he woke up. Had breakfast, freshened up and got dressed. Hoping for the best, the moment he stepped out of the apartment, he saw a few children playing. Just out of excitement he went near them to wish a very nice morning. That was it. The children started shouting. They started running here and there. One of them who was too young to run, started crying like anything. Unable to understand what to do, shocked he too started walking away quickly. He was feeling dizzy. He could only hear the shouts of those children “Mama….Ghost.”

What a shock. All his dreams were shattered with just one incident. Still he made to his office. Started his day. Worked. On returning he had to face those eyes full of fear, hatred and disgust. Without thinking much, he quickly went inside his apartment. Took a deep breathe. Tried to relax.

When he switched on the TV, what he saw was something that didn’t allow him to relax. The national channel of Featherlands was showing a news item where a ghostlike creature had frightened and tried to attack children in the locality. Some said it was Satan. Other gave different names. Some even described. (The description is beyond the scope of this blog as I do not want the authorities to ban my blog.)

What he had hoped to be a wonderful life, started of in the worst manner possible. A series of investigations started. The local police investigated and confirmed that the ghostlike creature was not ghost. It was a simple human being. But you know the mob. They started blocking the roads and started demonstrations, burnt pictures protesting against Surkala. Even the administration became helpless. Surkala had to shift to some other place unwillingly and forcefully. He had to adjust into the new locality. Its not that the people there didn’t protest, but they were not so important that the administration would listen to their protests. I hope you can understand what sort of locality was it.

The Sad Man (For illustrative purpose Only, Courtesy: Suri)
Surkala was very sad. He could see his dreams being shattered. He worked in office, came back home. no friends, nothing else to do, his morale was decreasing day after day. But as I said, God has his unique way of balancing things in life!!! Things started taking a different turn.
Lonely (For illustrative purpose only, courtesy: Suri)
Lonely (For illustrative purpose only, courtesy: Suri)
Surkala had never spent those 11 minutes (As per a famous author and philosopher, sex is a matter of only 11 minutes). Mostly because he used to remain depressed and was always sure that no girl on Earth would even come near him.
Now, its amazing, the way God works. Surkala was forced to shift to a cheap locality. He was highly depressed. It was probably romance that could have injected some energy and some life in him. Now, the locality where he shifted to, was very close to a brothel. To add more, he had to pass through that area twice everyday. Once on his way to the bus stop and then on his way back. That was the only place where the girls used to call him, used to give those signs! Although, initially he was very afraid and was not sure what to do; later on, this became a normal activity. He liked being called by women and being invited for “those 11 minutes”. He would go back his place and fantasize about those women in revealing clothes, inviting him. Needless to say, he would spend a hell lot of time in the washroom (unlike hostel days, he had stopped to do it on his bed).
It was one such day, when he saw her. That was exactly the magical moment every man waits for in his life. He saw the sparkle in her eyes. Unlike other women, she didn’t call him or gave him any signs. She had by some unknown force stopped herself from doing so. She too had actually noticed two twinkles on the upper part of his face, which she later realised was in his eyes. She had some difficulty in understanding that because very less amount of light used to get reflected from Surkala’s body. Probably, both of them knew that it was that magical moment.
All of  sudden, Surkala could feel his heartbeat rising rapidly. Not knowing what to do, he ran to his place. What was this strange feeling? He tried to relax himself. He could not even sleep properly. This continued for a week or so. Then one fine day, after a lot of struggle, he decided to approach her.
It was Friday. He had a bad day at office. He could not work properly. There was just one thought in his mind. He was determined to approach that lady. He somehow spent the office hours. He came out and started for home. His heartbeat was increasing exponentially as he was nearing the brothel. At last he reached there.
Everyday she used to notice this person pass by, sheepishly staring at her. Today also, she expected the same to happen. But when she saw him approaching her, even her heartbeat rose. She didn’t know how to react. She knew, this person was not her normal customer.With a lot of courage, stammering, he asked, “How much?”. She too with a bit of hesitation replied,”50 Euros.”
An advertisement just before the climax of a movie. Or just before the last ball of India-Pakistan cricket match, where with last wicket in hand, India needs to score 2 runs to win of the last ball of the match. Do u know, how it feels? A very similar feeling was felt by Surkala.
He had just sent his earning back home and had bought a piece of land in his village. If he spends this 50 Euros, he will be left with a meager 2000 in INR. Still, he thought that happiness is much more important than money. And decided to go ahead.
They both started walking towards his apartment. Both of them, not saying a single word. They entered his apartment. What happened in and around those 11 minutes is beyond the scope of this blog. We all can guess. But, what happened after that?
While lying on each other, he asked her name. “Linda. Your’s?”. “Surkala.”
They started the conversation. They stated meeting regularly. Her presence in his life changed everything for him. He felt the confidence, he never had felt before. He felt the happiness, he never felt before. He even decided to marry Linda. He wrote to his mother about Linda. How he met her. What she does and how situation has forced her to join the flesh trade. He sent a photo too. And he expressed his desire to marry Linda, to her mother.
Alas, his mother got so worried that she called up the CEO of the company Surkala was working with. Forced him to bring back Surkala to India. She warned Surkala that if he takes any step like this, he won’t see her face ever again.. blah blah…
That was the end of Surkala’s love story. With a lot of pain he returned to India. At airport, they cried so much that someone suggested that their names could be suggested for guinness book of world records.
Anyways, even today, Surkala mourns for Linda at times. He is presently posted in a metro city in India. He has grown long hairs as a sign of the grief. God knows, what his next will be. But as far as I know, he is trying his best to forget Linda and start a new life with someone else, get married and have children!!!

With her, during his good old days(For illustrative purpose only. Courtesy: Suri)
With her, during his good old days(For illustrative purpose only. Courtesy: Suri)

Lets hope for his best. Will update you soon once I come to know!!!

Please note that the above is not meant to hurt anyone’s feelings or emotions. Please forgive me in case it hurts someone.

© Asitav
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  1. Soma
    July 10, 2010

    I'm waiting for the "To be continued" part…amazing!!

  2. manosh jyoti
    July 11, 2010

    Its a nice biography of a man who is so afraiding and so terroring……When will the part II begin?? Does anyone know about Surkaala's marriage proposal's story??

    July 11, 2010

    This man must be daunted with ill fate…..poor him…god bless the IAS…..

  4. Hasan
    July 11, 2010

    Very touching story. Wish Surkala gets his love soon.

  5. Manoj Kumar
    July 11, 2010

    hey Surkala Rocks!!!!

  6. dhrubajyoti
    July 18, 2010

    very touching story….may almighty bless both of them…nd hope for d best for both of them…wish u good luck pukala bhaiya….

  7. Asitav
    July 18, 2010

    @ dhrubo its surkala.. not pukala… Pukala is one of my ex hostelmate

  8. Manpreet
    July 25, 2010

    boy you have great writing Skill. that makes me say "Pen is mighter than Sword.".Three chears for Asitav….hipp hipp Hurry,hipp hipp Hurry,hipp hipp Hurry.

  9. Arundhati
    August 15, 2010

    I really wanna know how u received the inspiration to write this blog dada…

  10. Rave
    November 25, 2010

    Every once in a while dredging through this sea of stories on the internet, you find that rare protagonist who simply jumps out at you and overpowers everything and everyone around him. The raw and emotionally filled description of Surkala and his inner pain has no doubt tugged at my heart and I am sure of everyone who read this. Halfway through the story I had a feeling Surkala would be finally blessed with one of the most exciting part of any FeuroTrip and get face to face with VanderRexx. The actual story however more poignant. Also kudos to Suri with his brilliant photographs which do so much justice to the story. Its as if the pictures scream SURKALA SURKALA. Bravo!!. A drink on me when I run into Suri next time in Bangy.
    Looking forward to the continuation …

  11. Samrat
    April 12, 2011

    Hahahahah… awesome read….

    1. asitav.sen
      April 12, 2011



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