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Surkala – II

The article does not have any resemblance with any real life character. If any resemblance is found, it should be considered a mere coincidence. Photo Courtesy: Suri


I’m sure you remember our good friend, Surkala, The super black (Next only to some black body) boy, from a small town of North Eastern India. His stories will continue to amuse mankind for ages to come. His struggle, downs and ups and his road to success amongst all possible adversities in life will surely become inspiration of not only racially discriminated but any ‘x’ially discriminated person.

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Till now, you must have read about his life in Featherland and how he was forced to return back to India. This is the second part of the story. His life after he returns to India and what all tragedies take place in his life.

It was one fine Saturday evening in Bangalore,Surkala was sitting idle and thinking. He had taken a couple of beers. Time is a great healer. Isn’t it? It was time and distance that helped Surkala out of the shock of leaving Linda forever.  It has been more than 3 years now. In these three years, he had faced many other situations. Still, in times like this when he had nothing to do, his mind would go back to the finest days of his life. And then, when he recollects the bad end, he gets up to get another beer.

With the effect of alcohol, Surkala had even started writing poems. He used to write very practical things; the truth very beautifully expressed. Sadly, after the alcoholic effects had vanished, he would destroy all he wrote. Probably, he felt too shy. Alcohol makes a man brave and he can face the truth. Without alcohol, man prefers to stay hidden under the mask. Thanks to Mahila Singh, Surkala’s college friend, we could manage to find out one verse, surkala had written once. It describes the how honestly he had accepted the truth.

‘Kaala jo dekhan main chala, Kaala na milya koy,

Jo dil khoja aapna, to mujh sa kaala na koy’

I strongly believe that without self realization of the highest degree, a human being can never write lines like this. Grief is like the pressure and temperature that turns coal into diamond. A man who has known himself and understood the truth of the universe is no less than a diamond. Surkala, is also a diamond (One can say, black diamond).

Things could have taken a different turn. It was all set to take a different turn. Surkala’s mother had found a very nice girl for him. They used to talk over phone everyday. She loved him, in spite of his colour. She was among the few who discovered the golden heart residing inside the black body. Surkala did not hide anything from her. In spite of knowing the fact that the news of his affair with Linda could have broken the relation. But, the girl was above all these and she loved him more for his honesty.

Surkala again was going through a very good phase of his life. All was set to ‘live happily ever after’, like in fairy tales. But, destiny had different plans. There was someone who was not willing to see him happy. There was someone, who was highly jealous of him, his ex-classmate from his college. Unlike Surkala, he was white, and still is white. In fact, he is so white that you can use him to correct the white balance of a camera.DovingaVed, the white, half bald boy with a nice smile on his face. He has a highly innocent face. He was always a competitor of Surkala. Always wanted to prove himself to be better than him and he’d never leave an opportunity to harm Surkala. That is exactly what he did this time. How could he see Surkala settling down with such a nice girl. He had to do something. He has a nice job, well settled life. Still, no one actually knows why he did it.

I had published my last article by the time Surkala was dating the girl. In order to hide his identity, I even used photographs of a very close friend of mine. Alas, things had to take a different turn. DovingaVed, translated the article and sent it across to the family of the girl.

We still live in a country where people do not really accept a relation of this kind. We are far too conservative. We are yet to grow up. We are literate, rather, highly literate but we are still miles away from education. It is lack of education that made the girl’s parents and relatives to cancel the marriage. It is beyond the scope of this article to describe the state of Surkala, when he discovered all these things. Surkala got pissed off with me. Though later, he realized that it was not my mistake. Rather, I’m helping to spread his deed to the world to get inspired from. He told me what he wanted to do with DovingaVed, but did not do anything. Not because he was incapable of, but because he meant something. He wanted me to write this specifically in this article.

DovingaVed, and people like him will always remain among the human race. People who will always feel insecure of other human.People, who will be guided by lesser understanding. They will continue to contribute nothing to the society. They will harm those who contribute. But people like Surkala, people made of 24 carat gold will shine more, each time they are put in fire. And it is through forgiveness that you probably can make them feel ashamed. Make them feel ashamed of the heinous deed they do. Surkala could have informed Dovinga’s wife about what Dovinga did. In fact, Dovinga did not inform any of his collgemates about his marriage fearing that his own marriage will get cancelled ifSurkala tries to take revenge. Little did he know that even if dog bites a man, man never bites a dog back.

“Darkness can never be the end. I’m waiting for the light.”, This was what Surkala always said. Nobody knows what he meant by this. Some thought that Surkala was probably assuming that his child will not be black, others though that he is accumulating money for surgery to become white like MJ.

I believe, we all can contribute in order to bring the light. Had it been me, I’d have informed Dovinga’s wife how desperate Dovinga was for a girl. How he had proposed by quoting his SPI and CPI, and his job offer :D. His approach was too direct :P. But, then, it’s not my matter. I can’t say such things. But, what we all can do is find the right girl for Surkala. I propose that we all can update our Facebook status for at least one day for this purpose. “Surkala, the man with the golden heart is searching for a girl who values the gold and link back to this atricle’s URL.”


Please note that the above is not meant to hurt anyone’s feelings or emotions. Please forgive me in case it hurts someone.

© Asitav

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