I scream for u,
I scream for me,
I scream for life,
I scream for death.
Scream is all I do,
But it seems, nobody can hear it,
must for those for whom it (is)!!!
My screams don’t make sound.
My screams don’t stir the blood.
No dope, No grass its only u,
u make me scream, or do I dream.
I fear, When I don’t, I hear.
They scream, I close my ears,
My palms scream, I see,
I close my eyes, my eyelids scream.
I hear the pain, I hear the scream.
I see the tears and shattered dreams.
I scream, I scream and I scream.
© Asitav
I'm a business analyst. I have a background in Sales, Engineering, MBA and analytics. I enjoy photography.

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