Photography Patna

Patna; I know many people who dislike the town. Like many other towns in India, it has it’s share of issues. But I believe, in order to understand and like a place one needs to see beyond the visible and connect to the soul of the place i.e. if it has one.

Patna, as you may be aware was known as Patliputra, the capital of the great Magadh Empire. Owing to the rich historical and cultural heritage, this town has a warm soul hidden beneath the cold and harsh appearance.

Photography Patna
View of Gandhi Maidan from top of Biscoman Tower

Having spent more than 5 years in Bihar, I consider myself among the lucky ones who could feel and connect to the place. The evenings spent in Gandhi Maidan observing the variety of forms the human race can take is an unique experience. Be it the Natt performing, or be it the ear-cleaner cleaning someones ear sitting on a brick, or be it the sophisticated gentleman in tracks and shoes with earphones plugged, jogging. Everything is unique about the place. It is the cultural symbol of Patna and it’s most famous landmark. It is the merging point of diversity.

The boat rides on the Ganges seeking sight of the Ganges Dolphin, watching the Ganga Arti at Gandhi Ghat, the gastronomical expeditions in the nooks and corners of the town; every single memory is nostalgia of lost love.

My social life was at it’s peak in Patna. Especially, from 2014 when Bihar Photography started picking up. I had almost lost hope and had even thought of closing the forum when Patna responded. And there was no looking back. Even though I am not in Bihar anymore and my participation is very low and mostly remote, It gives me immense satisfaction to see the forum growing. Thanks to some of my enthusiastic friends.

I miss the place and I miss the life.

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