goirick da

July 19, 2009 23:16. My phone rang. I saw a name that immediately pushed my mind to the days I spent in Silchar. Goirick da. We spoke for 19 mins 3 se...

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Thanks, Goirick da


Its all upon u, depends on how u place the bits. Each have a story to tell. Probably untold, probably known. Darken a few, sharpen a few. Who knows u ...

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Paint it black

There are times, when u know, u are gone, only half done. But then, u have to. I’m what I don’t know I’m, Life is a music lost in ti...

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Half done, not done


I scream for u, I scream for me, I scream for life, I scream for death. Scream is all I do, But it seems, nobody can hear it, must for those for whom ...

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You know your death is nearer, When shadows engulfs the dimming light, When the remaining goodwill burns bright, And your heart becomes the bitter ‘...

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