Melting Passion | Asitav Sen

Melting Passion

Slow decay, killing time, killing self,
waiting for the approaching end,
Lost myself in this war of the world.

Running ahead, with an aimless aim,
Dreaming away, the dreams of vain,
this insanity of mankind, is making me insane.

The dream fades away,
to the distant cry,
The self shrinks more,
shrinking to the extent,
after which it can’t shrink no more.

The approaching death,
The coming wrath,
This hatred, reproducing within.

I need some peace, I need some rest,
Relieve me, if you can,
relieve me from this pain.

I lie down, in the darkness of my room,
deep in thoughts, rather regrets,
waking up only to forget all the promises I made.

Once again to run the the race,
Once again to kill one self,
Once again to take a step,
further towards my fake self.

© Asitav

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