I’m still waiting for you ma’am!!!

There was nothing ever created as beautiful as her. There is this amazing magical attraction which never fails to direct your thought process towards her. Love or not is a not important. What is important is the existence of such a perfect blend of beauty and brain. What is important is that I could spend some meager moments with her. Some on the Earth, some in the Air.

Sometimes, it is difficult to be in love. To find the right person. To have the patience to discover. Life becomes too busy to think beyond work. Apart from work you tend to accept everything as it comes as long as it doesn’t hamper the delicate balance you have been maintaining. In order to explain it better, let me try to give an example. Say, you are watching a very important and interesting cricket match. Say, semi-final of world cup between India and Pakistan. Needless to say, all your attention will be focused on the match. To add more masala, suppose India needs 4 runs from 4 balls with 2 wickets in hand. I’m sure even if your bladder is full to it’s extreme, you’d prefer to wait till the match is over, before going to release your pressure. I’m sure there is no second thought.

Now, coming back to the point I was trying to explain. Imagine the magnitude and quality of effort required to divert your focus from the cricket match. That’s exactly what she is. Her capability; unknowingly she will tie you up in the magical net of attraction.


Blacker than blackest among the blacks,

Shines so high that it bedazzles,

Her beautiful hair, when it falls on her face,

It reminds me of the moon behind the clouds.

Each word starts a note,

Music of the Raaga unknown; hypnotizes,

Mesmerizes, and you crave for more.

More and more and more and more.


I don’t even know why I’m writing this? May be because I’m thinking of her. May be it’s just another effort to win her heart. It’s a hope that she will bump across this blog post someday and will consider ditching her boyfriend for me.

If not then at least she will say that yes, she likes me…rather loves me, but then you know all the love stories do not have that “..and they lived happily ever after.”  thing.

If not, then after a decade or so when I read this post again, I’ll smile at myself 😉

P.S: If you are reading this ma’am, I request you to reconsider. I’m even willing to date you in your old age home when may be you won’t have a single tooth left and most of your word (Raaga) will sound like meaningless remix 🙂 I’m waiting.

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  1. Rudra
    February 5, 2012

    And who might the lady be?


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