How to obtain duplicate birth certificate from Kolkata Municipal Corporation | Asitav Sen
Duplicate birth cirtificate Kolkata

How to obtain duplicate birth certificate from Kolkata Municipal Corporation

My original birth certificate was retained by the school during my admission in class I. It was a rule in Govt. schools during those times. The rule has now been modified though. Later on, the matriculation certificate has served as an authentic proof of age (Date of Birth). PAN card, passport and adhar card issuing authorities consider matriculation certificate as an authentic proof of age.
Recently, due to certain work, I had to arrange my birth certificate for some special purpose. Unfortunately, any other document is incapable to serve the purpose. A recently issued birth certificate is not only the proof of age, but also a proof of identity (Probably one of the best).
I believe many people like me are/will be in need of such certificate. Hence, I am writing this article hoping that it will make life easier for many.

Documents Required

  • ID Proof
  • Address Proof
  • Discharge slip of hospital
  • Affidavit of various kind on conditional basis.

Adhar card, voter icard, passport serve the purpose of the first two documents. Discharge slip is compulsory. Without which, a report of police is required saying that the slip has been lost/stolen. Affidavit may or may not be required, depending on the availability of other documents.
Affidavit is required in case, change of name (Of parents as well) is requested and the name differs from one written on the discharge slip.
Many of us have our certificates issued without our name in it. We obviously want to include our name. Including name of the child does not require any affidavit. Discharge slip, along with any other document validating identity and showing parent’s name is enough.

The process

I’m attaching a flow chart for ease. For a first time goer, it can be a difficult experience. In my case, I got drenched in rain and had to keep standing for about 5 hours before I could manage to get the certificate. Nonetheless, the process is much smoother that what it used to be. Arranging a birth certificate after more than a year from the birth of the child was beyond common man’s imagination. I have heard that the process has become online in many states. There is still sometime for that to happen in Kolkata, I believe.
More details can be obtained from the website of KMC and the helpline mentioned. It has a link to check whether a data exists in their database.

Duplicate birt cirtificate Kolkata
How to collect birth certificate from KMC

21 thought on “How to obtain duplicate birth certificate from Kolkata Municipal Corporation”

  1. VIKASH Kumar jaiswal

    How to collect my municipality birth certificate….
    I was born 25/01/1984. Place Kolkata . I don’t have any collect any municipality birth certificate proof.
    I have on Xerox copy of hospital birth certificate..please suggest me how to collect municipality birth certificate…
    Thanking you…

    1. Asitav Sen Post author

      Well, you have to get a report from police that the birth certificate from hospital has been lost. Take that to the hospital and ask for a new one. You may try to ask the authorities if the xerox copy is valid. Chances are low, but who knows, you may be lucky!

  2. rizwan


    What is the procedure, if the birth has taken place at home and its almost 40 years back. how do you obtain a birth certificate in that case

  3. Ghosh

    My original birth certificate date is 1985. But in other all documents including passport is 1986. Now for onsite purpose I have to legalize birth certificate. How can I change the year in birth certificate?

  4. Aditya Mishra

    My father get my bith certificate from KMC. My birth certificate registration NO. is 7071. BUt it is now missing. I have no birth record since I was born at home. Please suggest me how to get the duplicate birth cerficate. My email address is [email protected].

  5. Joanna

    I have a a notarized xerox of the discharge slip. Would that suffice. The original got lost in transit between different cites while moving. Afterall, notarization would not be possible without the original being shown. What are my chances?
    Thanks alot.

    1. Asitav Sen Post author

      I’m afraid, I am not sure about that. The law says, it you lose something, you should report that to the police, right?
      However, I suggest you pay visit to KMC and ask them. I’m not the best person to answer!

  6. Ritu

    I want to make my sister Date of Birth Certificate online. I will pay how much it will cost. My sister Date of Birth is 1/08/1983. And please send me the contact number who will make my sister Birth Certificate.In pan card it is also haveing mistake.

    1. Ritu

      I want to make my sister Date of Birth Certificate online. I will pay how much it will cost. My sister Date of Birth is 1/08/1983. And please send me the contact number who will make my sister Birth Certificate.In pan card it is also haveing mistake.

    2. Asitav Sen Post author

      Dear Ms. Ritu,
      I’m not an agent. I have just shared the details from my experience. You may follow the steps to do it yourself or get it done by someone else.

  7. Sourav Kundu

    In my birth certificate the place (where I born,name of hispitsl ) is completely blanked. I recently face a huge issue in passport verification. How can I fill the place of birth in my birth certificate

    1. Asitav Sen Post author

      I’m afraid that I’m unaware of the solution. The best I can suggest is to visit KMC and ask them. For asking questions, you can go anytime during working hours.


    A manual birth certificate of my daughter issued by NRS Medical College on 04/06/2009. Now I want to get a Comouterized Certificate of the above.

  9. Undisclosed

    I have read and followed the steps here and that really helped me to get my Birth Certificate. But there are few additional remarks I want to make from my personal experience from recent past:

    1) When I went to KMC head office (laal bari) there were no persons collecting names but only two sheets of paper hung from the gate with a piece of string. One paper was for Birth and the other was for Death. There we had to write down the names with a serial number by ourselves.
    2) By sharp 10 all the people who had written down their name stood in a queue in the order as per the serial number. This was before opening the gate.
    3) After opening the gate the policeman checked the names and serial numbers and rearranged the queues.
    4) Only one person was allowed inside. All accompanying persons had to wait outside.
    5) Birth year 2013-2018 were not entertained. They were asked to go to the borough office first.
    6) All document originals plus 2 copies xerox were needed, many people did not bring it so had to arrange for it from another shop on the opposite lane (5 mins walk)
    7) The queue started moving a little while after 10.30 when the office actually opened
    8) Original and xerox copies of AADHAR card or any similar document for Parents was required for some persons esp. whose address was different now from the address of birth and so on
    9) Only 50 birth and 50 death certificates are given per day – but this is not 100% confirmed
    10) Rs. 100 per copy charges have to be paid in cash – as many copies as one wants


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