How many deaths?

So yet another blast. Yet again it was followed by speeches from our ministers and politicians. Yet again our news channels flashed it as “Breaking News” and debates, having panelists from our political parties, were telecast in all news channels. Every member of our political parties once again “Condemned” the blast and for one more time they committed to fight against the terror.

This sequence of activities has become like a ritual. After every blast people come, do their bits and walk away. Big promises and commitments were made after 26/11. Big reforms were announced and finally it looked like that India will have world class intelligence Infrastructure and world’s most efficient police networks. But we were wrong. These commitments and promises were nothing short of a mirage. Serial blasts in Mumbai proved the same. And now the blast in Delhi has been the final nail on the coffin.

These strikes have become so common that we have started taking it as a part of our life. Just after such attacks you get calls from all your relatives and friends. They inquire about your well being and you answer that everything is fine and that’s the end of the incident for you and your families. Next day we behave as if nothing had happened and some call this as a resilient attitude. But I tend to defer from them. I was in Mumbai when that unfortunate incident happened few months back. I was apprehensive to go to office the next day. But I had to go because I had no option. At least in my case I can say that I was not resilient. And I am sure I will not be the only one.

In the midst of all these reforms and our resilient attitude we have always forgotten all the victims of these terror attacks. After every attack respective state governments announce relief fund of Rs 5 or 10 lakhs to families that have lost their dear ones and 2 to 3 lakhs to people who have been injured in the blast. With due respect to our governments, I just want to understand whether such reliefs are enough. How a person who has lost his leg in the blast can feed his family throughout his life with a meager 2 lakhs? If the family has lost its only earning member then how 5 or 10 lakhs can get all the daily necessities of victim’s family, can educate victim’s child or can buy sweets during festivals?

I know it is very easy to say but our government has to take some out of the box actions. We just cannot feed terrorists in our jails and wait for our judiciary system to decide whether these terrorists are guilty or not. Even after court passes its judgment we cannot allow the convicted person or human right activists to raise a mercy plea. Yes we should consider human rights of the convicted person but we should not forget human rights of people who have died in attacks which these criminals have masterminded or have carried out.

Video Courtesy: Youtube. Featured Image Courtesy: The Hindu

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  1. Vivek Kumar
    September 16, 2011

    I know you are expecting from gov to do something… ya they are already trying hard and hard say their level best to increase inflation.

    And if I talk about the control on terrorism. they with the Sec. Agency started posting alerts (The alerts only may be fake just to prove they are not sleeping)regarding other attacks.

    They say they can’t control it, They should go for a tender to control terrorism and make money in the deal.

    It;s a hearty suggestion to the gov.


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