Half done, not done

There are times,
when u know,
u are gone, only half done.
But then, u have to.
I’m what I don’t know I’m,
Life is a music lost in time.
Can u play the tune,
lets steal it from the time.
I ran away, when the time was ripe,
I swam across the river of dream,
Only to be drown away by stream,
To reach the bank of dying beam.
I need the light, I want to fight,
I need to face the blinding sight.
One who disappears, gets lost,
the time fades away, the light once bright.
Play it, play the tune,
let wind move away the sand dune,
Lets face it once again,
lets not fear the burning pain.
Lets finish the work we left once back,
lets try it once more time.
Half done is not done, they say,
lets trek to the mountain prime.
Let them laugh, we once more try,
let them hurt, ignore the cry.
What was and is and is to be,
we’ll change the destiny.
© Asitav
I'm a business analyst. I have a background in Sales, Engineering, MBA and analytics. I enjoy photography.

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  1. Manpreet
    July 17, 2009

    " i donot know whether it half or Complete, but your blog is more than that."


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