Future Technologies in Camera

Future of Camera

Hasselblad has created a milestone by providing a medium format sensor in a compact camera comparable to mirrorless. One may wonder what the future is holding as far as camera technology is concerned. It is difficult to give a concrete answer to the question, but assumptions are not impossible. Here are my assumptions, based on recent developments!

  1. Possibility to capture and reproduce scent: Imagine a photograph of your favourite dessert. Now imagine it with it’s smell! How does that sound? Scenography, it is. Amy Radcliffe has developed a mechanism to do so. It is not fully functional yet. However, the rate at which technology is developing, we should see it coming soon.Scent detecting cameraDevice under development by Amy Radcliffe
  2. Compact and fast digital large format cameras are something one can look forward to in future. The existing Digital camera backs are difficult to use and cost a fortune. We can expect to see more affordable and user friendly versions coming.
  3. Canon has developed a camera that can shoot is dark. With ISO of 4000000, that doesn’t sound impossible. It will be a high end camera for sure. But, gradually, this technology should become affordable.
  4. A combination of biometric sensors and eye reading capability, future cameras should be able to click without the use of shutter button. Not only that, it may focus on the subject your eyes are focussing! Want more? It will be able to detect and vision irregularities of the user and adjust itself accordingly. Iris project is working on this.Camera without shutter button
  5. It is probably too early to talk about teleportation like technology to create a 3D replica. But it is not impossible. However, I will skip that for now. For now, we can stop at a smart device that has all the capabilities mentioned above and more, including phone, wireless connectivity and all other major features available today in the smartphones!
  6. Trust me, people are developing cameras without lens. Computational photography and a new kind of sensor, makes it possible.

    Camera without lens
    Computational Photography

One futuristic device I wish to be developed is an analogue camera that instantly develops the films. This may sound crazy! But increasing demand, cost and unpredictability of digital storage may force us to give it a thought.

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