From Scams to World Cup to Lokpal Bill


Life of the aam aadmi has never been more unpredictable. Every time we tried to settle down, some unexpected and some long awaited incident has rocked us up . Today, with government finally accepting the demands of Anna Hazare, l thought it would be a good time to recollect these incidents.

If my memory serves me right, it all started in the month of August. In august, we first came to know about the delays in CWG preparation and its impacts. Every morning greeted us with more delays. Breaking News section of every news channel had more news of CWG delays. Filthy pictures of the games village and some unwanted comments from CWG officials made the situation even more gloomy. Lunch table discussions in offices revolved around CWG and people who were least interested in sports and sporting extravaganza vouched their opinion on the same.

Finally, after such a dreadful build up, Common Wealth Games 2010 started. And what a beginning it was! The opening ceremony was nothing short of spectacular. I must concede that it was very well thought-out and soothing to eyes that were tried of seeing filthy photographs. The next 14 days of the games belonged to athletes. It was quite surprising to see how change of guard from politicians to athletes made things much better and more inspiring.

Aftermath of the games rocked the entire nation. No one in wildest of dreams could have imagined that CWG games will make our nation poorer by thousand of crores of rupees and we must thank our corrupt politicians for this. The scam in some or the other way diluted the efforts of athletes.  In future, CWG 2010 will be more remembered as a game that was mired with controversies and loot.

If CWG scam was not enough, 2G scam was as a real eye opener. The amount of money swindled was much higher. The involvement of corporate houses made this scam even more depressing. After this scam I have a very basic question: whether a small enterprise, that doesn’t have power and money as some of the big corporates have, can grow big in such a corrupt system? Whether all policies are made to suit these powerful corporates?

The Congress government lost its face because of all these scams. People in the power to restore faith tried a lot but every good work was postmortemed with a cynical attitude.

This was the time when something extraordinary was required to restore the self-belief of every Indian. This was the time when people wanted to hear something other than scams and dishonest politicians. I must say that World Cup win after 28 years came as a much-needed respite. People, young or old, male or female, came out in huge numbers to celebrate the win and forget scams and corruption for one single day. Our country badly needed this win.

However, the celebration lasted for only few days as a bill that waited for 42 years needed our attention. This time around, Anna Hazare inspired the whole nation. His fast unto death forced the government to accept the demands of joint drafting committee. It was also heartening to see people of all age group joining hands and supporting Anna Hazare. This showed that people come out and support not only cricketers and Bollywood stars but also social workers like Anna Hazare.

Past few months have been full of vicissitudes. With people like Anna Hazare, we still some light at the end of tunnel and we can still hope to become a real super power.

© Piyush


  1. Poorvi
    April 13, 2011

    Nice article !! I cant agree more with the views and the observations ..

    1. Asitav Sen
      April 13, 2011

      Indeed. But then, this is just a start. I do hope that Piyush will contribute more!
      And yes, hope itself is a wonderful thing in itself. Let’s look forward to cross the tunnel and welcome the rising sun!

    2. Vanny
      June 11, 2012

      Thanks for your support to Anna Hazare. Sorry, but I checekd and found you are from USA. A comment from an Indian living in USA prove that Indians are supporting to Jan Lokpal Bill even where they are living.

  2. gaurav
    April 14, 2011

    Good one Piyush…n Asitav,I must say….there’s whole lot of good deals in store for u in future….I can see lot of advertisements on the right pane…..:-D

    1. Asitav Sen
      April 14, 2011

      Google ad is to enhance site rank in Google! 😛
      And the other one links to the journal that published the travelogue. Nothing is being done for money here as of now. Things may change though!


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