Dreaming in Vain | Asitav Sen

Dreaming in Vain

A piling up “fulfillment of expectations”,
responsibilities growing.
They have become mountains,
high enough to restrict his inner eyes,
from the vision of those dreams,
for which he had lived so long.
He had almost forgotten the aspirations,
like many other things you forget,
as they become out of sight.
A life being lived for others,
so much for others,
that he forgot himself.
This is not success,
this is not the life,
he wanted to lead.
His smile is fake,
His heart did break,
there’s no time to make,
enough out of the Time that is left.
© Asitav

One thought on “Dreaming in Vain”

  1. Soma

    We are on the same boat!!
    We think alike…u gather work-ex…i do another degree. We'll make a difference! for sure 🙂


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