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Christian wedding in Jharkhand

A few days back, Sudeep invited me to join him in a wedding (reception) shoot. It was a christian wedding. I had not attended any christian wedding or reception before this one. Moat of us have seen in videos/TV though.  Here in Jharkhand, the christian rituals have been merged with some local rituals and thus emerged a unique blend.

It starts with the families of the couple greeting and meeting each other at the entrance. In the meantime, people start dancing and playing Dhol. It is a typical traditional dance of Jharkhand, where people form a chain holding each other wrapping with hands, the waist of person adjacent to them. This chain dances in a circular path with the dancers synchronising the steps. This gives the local touch to the whole ritual. The dance continues, followed by gospel sung in local language.
The bride and the groom, quite often dress up in the traditional attire. In fact the custom of conducting wedding and reception on separate days is a concept hired from hindu (vedic) wedding.

Shooting in the event was an interesting experience. I’m sharing some of the photographs of the bride and groom. May they life happily ever after! I am also sharing an amatuer-ish video I took in mobile in order to capture the celebrating mob.




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