Champions with Expiry Dates?

So, finally we have been dethroned from the no. 1 spot. It was bound to happen. Even teams such as West Indies of 80s and Australia of 90s lost their supremacy. Only difference being that they dominated the world cricket for many years and India’s sojourn was short lived. Now that we have lost the supremacy a lot of introspection is required.

Two years back when India attained the no. 1 spot lot was said by players, past and present, and other intellectual people. In the midst of all these celebrations our highly learned selectors didn’t realize the importance of staying in top spot for long duration. Instead, I feel that BCCI never had the vision of dominating word cricket on the cricket field. For BCCI reaching summit was the end of the world. BCCI’s only intention has been to earn money and off late most of the time its members are busy in giving glamorous look to IPL.

Time has come for both players and board to decide what they actually want. You cannot really blame cramped schedule for the disastrous performance. Nobody forced players to play in IPL immediately after World Cup. It was individual’s decision and hence every individual is responsible for his fitness. Players should set their priorities and infact they can take cue from Michael Clark who decided not to take part in Big Bash just to concentrate on test cricket.

Our domestic cricket needs a complete makeover. Lively pitches, better competition can be few of the steps in this regard. Moreover Board should ensure that better performance in IPL should not be the basis for selection in Indian Team. Every player should and should grind themselves in domestic circuit. If a player is susceptible against short pitch stuff then he should be asked to work on his weakness. If he is good enough to plug all the loopholes then only he should be considered for selection. Players with good performance in T20s and one dayers should not be drafted immediately in Test side.

Many people have said that in another one year we will be world no. 1 team again. But i say that we should regain the top spot only when we have enough gas to sustain it. And for that to happen our emerging players have to take the lead role and our fav 4 have to assume the supporting role. From no angle am doubting the skills of fav 4. This is just required for the smooth transition. As “Champions don’t have expiry date” so question of doubting never comes.


  1. Vivek Kumar
    August 18, 2011

    Hi Hi Hi a serious thing is discussed here.. Hope they get some v….a and may get fit for TEST like targets.

    Thanks for the sketch included …. easy to understand for busy man.

  2. Neeraj Kumar
    September 13, 2011

    a detailed appraisal of indian cricket plight. good one!


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