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You continue to inspire, when you stop doing so, It may be negative though. © Asitav


Swimming in the ocean, sealed inside that bottle, the letter had thought that it’ll reach, its destination, in vain. When the string broke, the Kite was happy, thinking, that he is free to fly, only to realize, it had to Read more…


I sit in the darkness, Waiting for the unknown. I close my eyes and I see, Those glittering lights. I hear that distant Sound, Agony or laughter, I don’t know, or its a blend. A child crying, A drunk shouting, Read more…

তুমি আছো বলে আমি আছি

Sitting on the steps beside the Ganges, watching the sun go down, then counting those million stars. What an evening it was!!! The silence spoke more than anything that day. You left for your home the next day. And I Read more…