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Swimming in the ocean, sealed inside that bottle, the letter had thought that it’ll reach, its destination, in vain. When the string broke, the Kite was happy, thinking, that he is free to fly, only to realize, it had to fall. We all try to be free, is that a mistake? © Asitav



I sit in the darkness, Waiting for the unknown. I close my eyes and I see, Those glittering lights. I hear that distant Sound, Agony or laughter, I don’t know, or its a blend. A child crying, A drunk shouting, Somewhere a radio playing some old melody. I think, myself with me, Makes a good […]

Dreaming in Vain


A piling up “fulfillment of expectations”, responsibilities growing. They have become mountains, high enough to restrict his inner eyes, from the vision of those dreams, for which he had lived so long. He had almost forgotten the aspirations, like many other things you forget, as they become out of sight. A life being lived for […]


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