I sit in the darkness, Waiting for the unknown. I close my eyes and I see, Those glittering lights. I hear that distant Sound, Agony or laughter, I do...

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A piling up “fulfillment of expectations”, responsibilities growing. They have become mountains, high enough to restrict his inner eyes, f...

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Dreaming in Vain

A lifeless creature, pretending to be full of life. We all are same. © Asitav...

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I slay time, with vodka and music, waiting, for time to slay me. © Asitav...

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While they search out for the break, the parenthesis in their life, fed up by the monotonousness. I make u my parenthesis; before its too late to real...

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Its all upon u, depends on how u place the bits. Each have a story to tell. Probably untold, probably known. Darken a few, sharpen a few. Who knows u ...

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Paint it black