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अब सूर्योदय की एक और लालसा, अपने आगमन के लिए इंतजार कर रहा है, अब एक और सपना है, सच होने की प्रतीक्षा कर रहा है, अब एक और रेत टिब्बा, तूफान की राह देख रहा है , प्यासी यह कानों की जोड़ी, उस राग की अपेक्षा में है, यह सच है कि यह सारी […]

Half done, not done


There are times, when u know, u are gone, only half done. But then, u have to. I’m what I don’t know I’m, Life is a music lost in time. Can u play the tune, lets steal it from the time. I ran away, when the time was ripe, I swam across the river of […]

There is still time, find a way out


Halt, Can you please for a moment? Turn back, Can you please for a moment? Think Can you please for a moment? The yesteryears of your decaying life…. Can you feel the peircing knife in your heart?? The cancer that you are hiding, The drugs with which you are fighting, are spreading it more. Though […]

1st Post


You know your death is nearer, When shadows engulfs the dimming light, When the remaining goodwill burns bright, And your heart becomes the bitter ‘ash’ bearer, You know your death is nearer. When you start adoring the dark When solitude prevails, When in your soaring words, Your silence prevails, When you hear a distant agony […]


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