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Future of Camera

Future Technologies in Camera

Hasselblad has created a milestone by providing a medium format sensor in a compact camera comparable to mirrorless. One may wonder what the future is holding as far as camera technology is concerned. It is difficult to give a concrete answer to the question, but assumptions are not impossible. Here are my assumptions, based on […]

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Why F Number?

I feel myself lucky to have friends who are genuinely interested in photography. Today Sudeep (Sudeep Sarkar) asked me a very interesting question. About which I had never given thought. Why F numbers are used instead of aperture diameter to standardise measurement of aperture? A very interesting question. So, after giving some thought, I derived […]

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Analogue Camera

11 Common Misconceptions About Camera

Present technological advancements have enabled us to acquire camera very easily. Everybody and anybody with a mobile phone is a photographer today. History has never seen this huge leap in the availability and affordability of camera. However, there are certain misconceptions about camera which many of us carry. This short article will try to clear […]

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Camera Tethering

How to control camera using laptop or phone – Tethered Photography

This article talks about  how to control camera using laptop or phone. What is tethering? Tethering means connecting one device to another. In photography, tethering means connecting the camera with a computer, laptop or smartphone. The camera controls (all except manual controls) are transferred to the device connected. The live preview is also transferred from the […]

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Analogue Photography

Affordable full format camera

There is a big gap between the number of people who want to own a full-frame DSLR and who can afford to or whose spending priorities are different. Average cost of a full-frame DSLR is something around 200000 INR. No wonder, most of us are in the second category, including me. This article will try […]

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