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IRR and Loan


Loan is basically an investment for the financer. Consider yourself to the financer for the time being. You invest 10000 rupees. You will receive the returns in monthly instalments. Say 1000 per month for 11 months. Now have a look at the cash flow           You will find the IRR function […]

Barabar Caves

Entrance of Lomash Cave

Some things cannot be explained in words. At least at this moment, I’m falling short of words. Words to explain the magical echo effect inside India’s oldest surviving rock cut caves. Imagine a few monks chanting mantras inside a hall where the echo returns after about 2-3 seconds. After finishing one chant, when the second […]

Interest free EMIs!!! Don’t be fooled.

Courtesy: Rediff

Interest free EMI is a major trap in the retail industry today. While it is dominant in Electronics and gadgets, Tractors, Automobiles and Equipments are also not very far. People working in loan segments in NBFCs and Banks will know pretty well about it. The question is why on earth will anyone lend you money […]

Tender business – a walkaround

Courtesy Cambridgemedialab

It had started in Aug 2010. A Govt. firm released an invitation to bid for supply of a type of mechanical/hydraulic equipment which my company manufactures. By the time we finished with the inspection, it was already June 2011. The whole experience of the tender, has given me loads of experience, the excerpts of which, […]

All About Chadar Trek


Chadar Trek is arguably one of the wildest trek in the world. Walking on ice is an ultimate experience for an adventure lover. Etymology Chadar means layer. Chadar in Chadar Trek refers to the layer of ice formed over Zangskar river during extreme winter. History Chadar Trek route since ages has been the only way […]


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