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Bihar – Heritages under verge of extinction


It is the the most important festival in Bihar. During the 3 days, you see the perfect example of discipline in society. No one fights, no one shouts; rather all acknowledge each others mistake with a smiling face. On a normal day an incident that will lead to small fight; during Chhath the same incident will be simply ignored with a smiling face. Not a single incident of violence takes place!

The festival continues for 3 days. People worship Sun God in the river Bank. The crowd in the Bank of Ganges is an amazing event. However, nowadays many people avoid coming to river bank and perform the rituals on rooftop tank!

Sonepur Mela:

Gajendhra Moksha involves the story of king Indrayumna and the Gandharva chief Huhu, who were turned into an elephant and a crocodile respectively by the curse of great sages Agasthya and Dewala. One day the elephant’s leg was bitten by the crocodile. It is said that both of them fought hard for many years. But ultimately the King Elephant lost his strength and prayed to the Lord Vishnu to save him. Vishnu heard his prayer and cut down the crocodile with his Chakra. This also released
Indrayumna and Huhu from his curse.

The temple at Sonepur is related with this story.

This cattle fair is held every year since the times of Mauryan Empire. Chandragupta Maurya used to buy Elephants from this fair. One can find various types of animals for sale. It is the largest cattle fain in Asia.

Spread across acres of land, this place is about 25 km from Patna. The fair is not only a pride of the state, but also of the Nation. Unfortunately, this heritage is on the verge of extinction. Today, the fair is dominated less by cattle and cattle traders, more than by theaters. It won’t be long when one fine day, we won’t find this heritage anymore, unless the people and theΒ  Govt. takes special care for the same.

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