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Author: Piyush Bhatter

I’m still waiting for you ma’am!!!

There was nothing ever created as beautiful as her. There is this amazing magical attraction which never fails to direct your thought process towards her. Love or not is a not important. What is important is the existence of such Read more…

How many deaths?

So yet another blast. Yet again it was followed by speeches from our ministers and politicians. Yet again our news channels flashed it as “Breaking News” and debates, having panelists from our political parties, were telecast in all news channels. Read more…

Champions with Expiry Dates?

So, finally we have been dethroned from the no. 1 spot. It was bound to happen. Even teams such as West Indies of 80s and Australia of 90s lost their supremacy. Only difference being that they dominated the world cricket Read more…

Lokpal or Jokepal? What will it be?


Last few months would be remembered for hunger strikes. First, there was Anna Hazare’s fast against corruption which seemed to be supported by people belonging to every age group- small children and the elderly alike, every profession and every strata Read more…

From Scams to World Cup to Lokpal Bill


Life of the aam aadmi has never been more unpredictable. Every time we tried to settle down, some unexpected and some long awaited incident has rocked us up . Today, with government finally accepting the demands of Anna Hazare, l Read more…