Asitav Sen

Author: Asitav Sen

A sales professional with interest in photography.


Trip to UrbanFarmers (RSM MBA Experience)

There are several things that makes the RSM MBA experience worthwhile. The course in sustainability is probably one of the key factors that will determine whether RSM can fulfill its mission to bring positive change. The special focus on shaping the mindset of the future leaders, to include sustainability in the objectives of decision making, is […]

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Duplicate birth cirtificate Kolkata

How to obtain duplicate birth certificate from Kolkata Municipal Corporation

My original birth certificate was retained by the school during my admission in class I. It was a rule in Govt. schools during those times. The rule has now been modified though. Later on, the matriculation certificate has served as an authentic proof of age (Date of Birth). PAN card, passport and adhar card issuing authorities consider matriculation […]

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