Author: Asitav Sen

Dugdugi River

Sharing some photographs from a recent trip to McCluskiegung. It was once called as the Mini London. The small town has lost it. Ill maintained buildi...

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Photographer Ranchi

My last few days in Ranchi was well spent with some close friends. Staying in the ageing quarters was a nostalgic experience. The breeze playing with ...

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Future of Camera

Hasselblad has created a milestone by providing a medium format sensor in a compact camera comparable to mirrorless. One may wonder what the future is...

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Future Technologies in Camera

Basic Income

The Swiss voters have voted against the proposed security that ensured a basic income for all. About 23% of the population supported the move. The pro...

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Swiss reject basic income plan

Wedding photography Jharkhand

A few days back, Sudeep invited me to join him in a wedding (reception) shoot. It was a christian wedding. I had not attended any christian wedding or...

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Christian wedding in Jharkhand


Recently I read an article about ‘Ross’, an artificially intelligent lawyer who has been recruited by Baker & Hostetler, a law firm. Ross will...

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The beginning of the end?

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