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A witness to thousand shattered dreams, that’s who I am, A witness to fulfilled dreams, that’s what I am. The dreams unspoken of, Some dead, some alive, Some lost in time, Dreams that made, and those which fade, Dreams of tears, dreams of smiles, Dreams to be or not to be, Dreams to come and […]

People-Free Images – easiest way


“Oh, what a weather. Perfect for a day out with the camera.” You say to yourself on a fine day with perfect light and weather for photography. You plan out everything very quickly. You select a tourist spot in your city. You arrive the spot, fully geared and start taking photographs. However, soon you realize […]


And when in the middle of the solitary night, He heard those cries of mouth Unable to feed the stomach He cried. And when he heard those laughter, Ignorant of the cries, When he heard those sugar coated concern Some fake, some foolish, He cried. He took vows, he dreamt a dream unforeseen. Woke up […]

Spirit of the wind


It was probably 1989, when my father brought home the philips tape recorder. I was 5 years old. Since then, I’ve been listening, appreciating and trying to replicate music. We all love music. It is like the sauce. It makes the food tastier. Whatever we do, eat, drink, bathe, study or cook, music adds a […]


कश्मकश कुछ कम नहीं की थी किसी ने, मंजिल की तलाश में । पैरों पे खड़े तो हो गए हैं दुनिया कहती है, ये दिल जानता की कितना झुकना पड़ गया ।


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