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There is a big gap between the number of people who want to own a full-frame DSLR and who can afford to or whose spending priorities are different. Average cost of a full-frame DSLR is something around 200000 INR. No wonder, most of us are in the second category, including me. This article will try to provide an economic alternative. Please note that it is not a replacement of full-frame DSLR. It’s the good old SLR!
This article will try to explain the advantages of analogue over digital photography in terms of economy. This of course, doesn’t mean that digital doesn’t have any advantage over analogue. Neither shall this article try to discourage anyone for digital photography.
Assumptions in the calculation
1. Depreciation /appreciation/ inflation has not been considered.
2. Per month exposure has been kept to 140, considering one roll per weekend.
3. Developer and fixer costs for developing 4 rolls considering all 4 to be developed at the same time without wasting any chemicals.
So, the calculation is as follows.

analogue vs digital

This shows that with the difference in initial investment, one can click photos for next 5.5 years at least, a time by which most of the digital versions will be replaced by another. Makes sense?

Ah yes, someone was telling me other day that just because we have calculators doesn’t mean that we stop teaching mathematics in school!

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