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You know your death is nearer,
When shadows engulfs the dimming light,
When the remaining goodwill burns bright,
And your heart becomes the bitter ‘ash’ bearer,
You know your death is nearer.

When you start adoring the dark
When solitude prevails,
When in your soaring words,
Your silence prevails,
When you hear a distant agony (or laughter!!!),
Slowly, but surely coming nearer…
You know your death is nearer.

When you know they are wrong,
Or when you know that he is right,
But your lips don’t even stir,
Coz you don’t have the strength, even slight
When you become an extinguished torch bearer…
You know your death is nearer.

When you get poison, in return
Of the blood you gave and not water
That you thought,
When they come and
Try to kill you, the people for
Whom you fought,
And then when you find, that
There is nothing that you fear,
Be sure… your death is near.

……I’ll not let you die,
Death will turn back from your gate
(…With an assurance to come back).
And the ‘ash’ will go underneath,
Or may fly away,
You will again push the mob,
Your silence will not merely mean silence anymore…

© Asitav
I'm a business analyst. I have a background in Sales, Engineering, MBA and analytics. I enjoy photography.


  1. puresunshine
    August 2, 2008

    Beautifully written. When you become an extinguished torch bearer…loved this line. I feel somethin empty in ur poem. A void.
    And a movement.

  2. still thinking !!!
    July 16, 2009

    nice to c this poem is here! its deserved to be there..am happy u have started to write.i always liked your thoughts..i am happy ur still alive…live my brother…live through your words and visions that translate to verse.


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