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Month: June 2016

Future Technologies in Camera

Future of Camera

Hasselblad has created a milestone by providing a medium format sensor in a compact camera comparable to mirrorless. One may wonder what the future is holding as far as camera technology is concerned. It is difficult to give a concrete Read more…

Hasselblad takes on competitors

Hasselblad X1D

Hasselblad is in the process of launching its latest beast (Now launched). I am writing this as the CEO of Hasselblad, Perry Oosting is giving presentation in Sweden. The product is X1D. The focus is mostly on portability. Weight is 725 Read more…

Your bright dream is here to shine!


Everyday is a battle between your dream and the fear! First things first, Asi thanks for giving me quick access under your website to write blog. I am surely lazy enough to  create one for me and then to start blogging. Now coming back to Read more…

Swiss reject basic income plan

Basic Income

The Swiss voters have voted against the proposed security that ensured a basic income for all. About 23% of the population supported the move. The proposal was to provide assured income to every adult irrespective of whether or not they Read more…