March 2015 | Asitav Sen

Month: March 2015

Cock Fight in Jharkhand

Cock Fight

Cock fight is a popular blood sport in Jharkhand. The fight between two roosters (gamecocks) is held inside a ring called cockpit. Like many other species, cocks show congenital aggression towards all males of the same species. Usually, the cocks are given good care till they attend the right age. They are conditioned well before […]

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Sarhul – Major festival of Jharkhand (India)

Sarhul is a major festival of the Tribals in Chhotanagpur region and though not popular, certainly is a major festival of India. It is celebrated during spring when new flowers start appearing on Sal trees(Chaitra month of Indian Calender, 3rd day of Shukla Paksha). Village deities are worshiped with Sal flowers. The rituals by the village […]

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Shri 420

Shree 420 Stills recreated

This month, I along with some of my friends tried to recreate some of the stills of Shree 420 (particularly the song pyar huwa ikraar huwa). The idea was to have a concept shoot. Initially I thought of clicking a series of photographs related to a mythological character. However, due to shortage of time (As I’ve to shift […]

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