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Month: January 2012


Shots taken in and around Dakshineshwar.

Migratory Birds in India – Santragachi Lake, West Bengal

Shots taken at Santragachi Lake.

Surkala – II

The article does not have any resemblance with any real life character. If any resemblance is found, it should be considered a mere coincidence. Photo Courtesy: Suri   I’m sure you remember our good friend, Surkala, The super black (Next Read more…

A common man’s view on the Food Bill

It’s in news. It tops the google trend’s most searched keywords list for India. How on Earth can I oppose such bill? It’ll be inhumane to refuse food to the ones who are needy. And believe me, I’ll never ever Read more…

Gangasagar Transit Camp

Portraits from Gangasagar Transit Camp.