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Month: July 2009

তুমি আছো বলে আমি আছি

Sitting on the steps beside the Ganges, watching the sun go down, then counting those million stars. What an evening it was!!! The silence spoke more than anything that day. You left for your home the next day. And I Read more…

Thanks, Goirick da

goirick da

July 19, 2009 23:16. My phone rang. I saw a name that immediately pushed my mind to the days I spent in Silchar. Goirick da. We spoke for 19 mins 3 sec. The emotions, those feelings which was once crushed Read more…

Paint it black


Its all upon u, depends on how u place the bits. Each have a story to tell. Probably untold, probably known. Darken a few, sharpen a few. Who knows u may get, a nice picture. It takes a lifetime. Yes Read more…

Half done, not done

There are times, when u know, u are gone, only half done. But then, u have to. I’m what I don’t know I’m, Life is a music lost in time. Can u play the tune, lets steal it from the Read more…



I scream for u, I scream for me, I scream for life, I scream for death. Scream is all I do, But it seems, nobody can hear it, must for those for whom it (is)!!! My screams don’t make sound. Read more…